Inpatient Drug Rehab In California And What To Know

Inpatient drug rehab in California and what to know
Inpatient drug rehab programs aim to aid deaddiction by providing facilities for the patient to stay at a rehab center for a certain amount of time. The inpatient rehab centers differ depending on various factors. Some of them provide the patients with games, while others focus on exercises such as yoga, and then there are some that provide both the types of facilities.

The facilities for inpatient drug rehab in California are many to choose from. There are luxurious rehab centers and then there are cheap rehab centers too.

What is inpatient drug rehab?

  • An inpatient drug rehabilitation program is a treatment program where the person has to stay for a period of time at a center to aid deaddiction.
  • The drug rehab center generally lets the patient stay for at least 30 days for treatment.
  • However, there are drug rehab centers that require a patient to stay for longer than 90 days as well.
  • The inpatient facility determines the number of days an addicted person has to stay in for. The factors that contribute to their decision depend on drug addiction severity, health issues, and relapses, if any.

What are the different phases of inpatient rehab?

  • The first stage consists of detoxifying the patient.
  • This is where the withdrawal symptoms are going to be visible, as the person has a difficult time with the detoxification process. They can even go to various extremes, such as being unable to cope with this detoxification.
  • The second stage consists of improving the person’s behavior that has been changed due to drug addiction.
  • This is done under medical supervision and support. The method used depends on the individual patient and what type of recovery they require.
  • The treatments are tailored according to the patient being treated. There might be group therapy sessions or individual counseling that may be provided by the center.

What are the advantages of inpatient drug rehab in California?

  • Inpatient rehab facility has the highest success rates in ensuring that the patient remains sober in the long run and does not relapse.
  • It provides the ability to care for the patient with careful monitoring. Since the patient is always there, they can be monitored all day.
  • There are lesser chances of a relapse in the future when the patient is given individual attention. When doctors understand the underlying cause, they can help with the treatment.
  • The patient feels safe and has the time to think about their life and how they can improve it. This is because they’re in a new environment altogether.
  • The patient is more focused on other activities, such as playing a game, which helps them get distracted.
  • Medical personnel are always there to help the patient. This helps with quality treatment.
  • When the patient is among other people who are also trying to get rid of their habit, it inspires them to become better.

What is the cost of inpatient drug rehab in California?

  • The cost of inpatient rehab depends on the treatment center.
  • There are many inpatient drug rehab centers in California that do accept insurance, Medicaid, or financial aid of some sort. This can help decrease the amount to be paid out of the patient’s pocket.
  • Depending on the eligibility, patients can get state-financed insurance, military insurance, or Medicare. It’s good to check with the addiction center to see which options they provide.
  • There are luxurious rehab centers as well as affordable rehab centers in California. Depending on the budget, one of them can be opted for.
  • An average of up to $60,000 have to be spent for 90 days in an inpatient drug rehab facility in California.
  • Inpatient drug rehab cost should be taken as an investment, because the money is not being wasted; it is, rather, helping someone come out of a difficult situation. Once the patient is better, they can get their life back on track and save the money they used to spend on drugs. The person can have a new-found meaning in life, which can help them do better than they did before getting addicted to drugs.

What are the top inpatient drug rehab centers in California?

  • There are hundreds of inpatient drug rehab centers in California.
  • Some that’re known for their quality of treatments are ABC Recovery Center, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, and Promises Treatment Centers.