Want To Give Coolsculpting Fat Freezing A Shot Here’s What You Must Know

Want to give CoolSculpting fat freezing a shot? Here’s what you must know

CoolSculpting fat freezing or Cryolipolysis is a fat loss medical treatment that destroys fat by freezing fat cells. The treatment involves controlled freezing at a temperature of about +5 to -5°C. The treatment helps to reshape the contours of the body by localized reduction of fat deposits. The purpose of the treatment is to freeze a targeted area so that the fat cells get killed without causing any damage to the skin. CoolSculpting is a safe method that delivers controlled freezing to the underlying fat cells that initially get crystallized and eventually die. Eventually, the dead fat cells get eliminated from the body and you get a sculpted and attractive frame. CoolSculpting fat freezing is a non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss treatment that is a great alternative to liposuction.

Here’s what you need to know about CoolSculpting fat-freezing technique.

Who can undergo CoolSculpting fat freezing?

  • Any healthy male or female looking for fat reduction from certain areas can opt for the treatment.
  • Anyone who has unwanted fat and bulges can undergo the CoolSculpting fat-freezing technique.
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to liposuction.
  • The treatment, however, is not for people who are obese and are looking for weight loss solution.

Who should not undergo CoolSculpting fat freezing?

  • People who suffer from cryoglobulinemia
  • People with cold agglutinin disease.
  • Anyone who has paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.
  • Obese people who are looking for significant weight loss.

What are the areas that CoolSculpting fat freezing targets?

  • Noticeable fat bulges in the submental area
  • Area around the thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flank
  • Bra and back fat
  • The banana rolls or the area under the buttocks

How much does the treatment cost?

  • Typically, the cost of treatment depends upon the location, the area you wish to target, number of treatments, and your main goal.
  • The price of the whole procedure may range from $750 to $4000

When can the results of CoolSculpting technique be seen?

  • You may begin to see changes as soon as three weeks into the treatment.
  • Visible differences are only observed after the completion of at least two months.
  • The body continues to flush out fat for the next 4 to 5 months.

What are the major side effects of CoolSculpting fat freezing?

  • Unless you are healthy, most technicians deny treatment so that no side effects creep up post the procedure.
  • Short-term side effects include transient local redness due to the cold
  • Bruising that disappears within a week
  • Numbness that eventually subsides
  • Some effect on peripheral nerves that do not have any lasting impact

Do you experience any pain during the treatment?

  • Patients may feel a stretching or pulling sensation in the area that is being targeted during the procedure.
  • Post the treatment some patients experience discomfort when target areas are massaged.
  • Some patients experience a tingling sensation, nerve pain or a general sense of discomfort, and skin sensitivity around the treatment site.
  • Some patients may have a delayed onset of pain.

How long do the effects of the treatment last?

  • This may depend on your motivation, dedication, and level of commitment post exercise.
  • Significant lifestyle changes like exercising, eating at regular intervals, and maintaining a nutritious diet can help you maintain your frame.
  • People who fall back to their old habits even post 14 cycles of the treatment are likely to gain back all the fat eventually.

What is the best time to go for the treatment?

  • If you wish to undergo fat freezing for a particular occasion, it is recommended that you schedule the treatment at least three to six months in advance as significant results can only be seen at least three months post treatment.
  • In case you have no important events coming up, you can schedule treatments during warmer months.

How many cycles are needed to reach the desired result?

  • The desired result varies based on the body type, goal, and the clinic you choose for the treatment.
  • Many patients begin to see results with just one session.
  • Others may require as many as three complete sessions to lose the unwanted fat.